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Hello and welcome to Beard Boutique; your online store specializing in quality manly goods!WEB PROFILE

Myself like many others are absolutely fed up with buying something and then two weeks later finding yourself back in the store you bought it from at the returns counter, frustrated and saying to yourself… “Do they make anything to last anymore?”

Allow me to introduce myself.

My name is Dan Graf and following a life changing accident in 2012, leaving me in a wheelchair, I was unable to return to my former line of employment as a landscaper. As a result, this pushed me to search my future options to earn a living.

Being an outdoors man, I couldn’t stand being stuck inside for too long and found myself majority of the time outside doing something hands on. With a common cry heard among men (and women for that matter), for a store stocking all those hard-to-find quality made manly products, it dawned on me I would combine quality and all things manly into a little online store I made official in May 2014 called ‘Beard Boutique‘ – ‘Man Supplies’.

With future aspirations of eventually expanding to a fully-fledged ‘bricks & mortar’ shop, here at Beard Boutique we strive to continuously expand our product line. Bringing you products of the highest quality including hair & beard grooming products & accessories, men’s apparel, hats & accessories, barware, knives & survival, bbq, pipes and man-cave essentials to name a few. Carefully sourced and selected from all corners of the globe for you to enjoy for many years to come.

Thank you for taking the time to stop by Beard Boutique.

To look into my story further you can do so by visiting my page here –